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bill malcolm wm65805 at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 11 10:58:16 CDT 2006

Where can I find  PART  &  PREP  software?
bill ..

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> Lee Hart wrote:
> >> It's even simpler than that. Get a SCSI hard drive, and it will plug
> >> right into the H67 interface. If the SCSI drive is formatted to 10
> >> it will work with the existing Heath PART and PREP software.
> Mark Garlanger wrote:
> > That may be simpler, but probably will still require some work. I was
> > searching for some more information on SASI drives and came across a
> > couple of pages that stated or implied a conversion may be needed.
> When I did this, I used old Macintosh hard drives, which were SCSI
> drives on the order of 10-40 megabytes built in the 1980's. The few I
> tried all worked.
> As time passed, I'm sure that SCSI drive manufacturers gradually
> abandoned the older SASI protocol. If you used one of these drives,
> you'd have to make some changes to the Heath software. Hopefully, this
> would be less onerous than rewriting the ICE hard disk software from
> scratch.
> Newer SCSI drives built for modern PCs are more likely to be SCSI-II,
> which is a different beast.
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