[sebhc] HDOS sysgen questions (and problems)

Mark Garlanger garlanger at gmail.com
Thu Oct 12 11:51:52 CDT 2006

On 10/12/06, Bob Shannon <bshannon at tiac.net> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm very new to my H89, and I need a little assistance.
> I have a working H89 with high density floppy drives.
> I only have one (worn) bootable diskette for the machine.  I have formatted
> a blank 5.25 floppy and I'm able
> to mount it and move files to it, etc.  The 5.15 inch media I'm using is not
> double-sided, but the formatting
> software asked about this and the media formatted without errors.
> When I attempt to SYSGEN, I get an error message.  It appears that the O/S
> is looking for a file called
> ONESWAP.ABS.  This file does not appear on my bootable floppy when I perform
> a DIR/S.
> How can I make a backup bootable disk?
> Can someone make high-density copies of the original HDOS software for me?
> I'm willing to pay
> for the trouble and shipping, etc.

I should/hopefully be getting a system with a working soft-sectored
contoller. When/if that arrives, I'll be able to make you a copy of
the OSs. Or if I can get my rusted soft-sectored controller, which was
working intermittently for a few weeks, to work again, I can try to
make you a copy.

> My HDOS disk has an old copy of Microsoft Basic for HDOS.  If this is not
> already available from the
> archive, how can I post this for others?
> Or, can someone sell me bootable CP/M on high density media???

I'll be able to provide you with this too, once I get a working controller.

> About my H89:
> The machine has 64K, someone piggy-backed a fourth set of 16K DRAM's on top
> of one bank, then
> ran a rework wire across the top row for the needed strobe signal.

One of my systems has that same modification... the cheap way to get up to 64k.

> There are three expansion boards installed, the high density floppy
> controller, a 3 port serial board, and
> what appears to be the hard-sectored floppy controller.
> There are two connectors for external floppy drives on the back, but I've
> not yet traced out the cables to
> see which connectors are for which controller.
> Would it be possible to use something like the SVD with my hard-sectored
> controller to build high density
> bootable HDOS disks?

That would also work, but from what's on his site, it appears that the
SVD guy has temporarily suspended filling any more orders and is
instead working a on new version of the hardware.

> Is there no on-line documentation for HDOS?

There are HDOS manuals in PDF form in the archives, the welcome
message to the group included information on how to access the

> Can anyone here help me get this machine into a more usable state?

I'll try to work on my rusted controller some more... actually I think
I made a back-up copy of the three CP/M disks onto one disk which I
can send you... I'll double-check tonight since I may have only copied
it to a 3.5" disk.

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