[sebhc] Shugart 400L Drive

Mark Garlanger garlanger at gmail.com
Fri Oct 13 00:56:29 CDT 2006

Sounds like I'm getting a little closer... the jumper block had HL
(which according to some web page is the same has HS - Head Select)
cut. The Heath documentation says it needs to be jumpered. With that
jumpered, it sounds a little better when I attempt to boot. I guess
the head is now selected, but it doesn't sound like it's moving
track-to-track. The other wierd thing about the two drives is that
there are 4 wires from the edge connector to the board. I'm guessing
that it was a modification required because of the adapter board that
had been connected. The pins connected are 4, 6, 14, and 32. From the
documentaion I have, 3 of these lines are spares with only 14 being
DS3. I think I may try to cut all 4 of the wires and see if that will
help (let me know if you think that's a bad idea - I'll to wait until
tomorrow night before I do that).


On 10/12/06, Barry Watzman <Watzman at neo.rr.com> wrote:
> The original SA400, as you note, was certified for only 35 tracks.  I'm
> guessing that the "L" model was certified for 40 (even the 35 track model
> might have actually worked on all 40 tracks).
> Other than that, the drive was generally similar to the Siemens/Wangco drive
> (the H17 drive).  However, the stepping mechanism in the SA400 was EXTREMELY
> slow, and I mean ***EXTREMELY***.  This could be your problem.  Also, the
> drive may have had more jumper options, and may have required a different
> set of jumpers for (among other things) hard sector operation.  So those are
> two areas where there might be problems.
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> Does anyone know if I should be able to use the Shuart 400L floppy as
> a replacement for the H-17-1 drives? I'm having some problems with a
> pair I got off of ebay. I thought I would be able to use them since
> they appear to have the same specs as the Wangco and Seimens drives
> with just a different door latch. I had read that they have 40 tracks
> instead of the 35 that the older 400 model had. When I received the
> drives they had an additional 2" x 2.5" board (with a CAP, a diode,
> several resistors, a 74LS86 and a 74LS00) which converted a twenty pin
> connector into the standard edge connector and power cable. I removed
> this and was able to properly connect it in my H17 case to my
> hard-sectored controller. The id was set to 1 (third drive), another
> drive is the last drive on the cable and has the terminating resistor
> pack. When I try to boot from them, the light comes on, but I receive
> a '?Boot error' message. It doesn't make any clicks like my other
> drives do. The disk is spinning, but I don't hear any head movement.
> This behavior is the same on both drives. Does anyone know if these
> drives are not compatible with the heath controller? Or maybe some
> other setting is off, both drives did come with the ID set to 1, but
> one drive had a '1' sticker on the front and the other had a '2'
> sticker? Or maybe I got two bad drives?
> Thanks,
>    Mark
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