[sebhc] HDOS sysgen questions (and problems)

Bob Shannon bshannon at tiac.net
Tue Oct 17 15:46:36 CDT 2006

Ok, I'm stumped here!

How do I make a bootable system disk under HDOS?

I'm able to init and pass media check on a 'blank' floppy.

But when I SYSGEN/M, and attempt to boot the resulting
diskette, nothing happens.

Specifically, I reset, press B for 'boot', the drive light goes on
then off again, then nothing happens.  No additional text is
displayed, no drive access sounds, nothing.

When I try SYSGEN *.* I get a read error on the source 
disk and end up back at the HDOS prompt.  The resulting
disk does not boot, it acts exactly like the SYSGEN/M

When I simply try SYSGEN, I end up with an error where
the system is looking for ONBECOPY.ABS, which does
not appear to be on my one and only bootable diskette.

Would someone here please tell me exactly how I'm supposed
to make a backup boot disk?

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