[sebhc] Semi-Virtual Floppy Drive

Bill Loguidice bill at armchairarcade.com
Tue Oct 31 09:23:06 CST 2006

I have one too.  The great thing about it obviously for collectors of
multiple systems is that it works with a fairly wide range of computers, not
just from Heathkit.
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I have and SVD and use it for the H8.  It works great!  Its very easy to
hook up and start using.
I can boot my H8 with it, load programs from my PC.  Backup all my programs
to the PC.
I highly recommend it.
Ken Guenther
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>Hello folks!
>This is a link from a vintage-computer enthusiast who has designed a
>replacement for floppy drive:
>Whether or not this information is old news to you, any comment is highly

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