[sebhc] 13 New HUG disk images.

bill malcolm wm65805 at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 1 13:00:06 CDT 2006

I tried to find this file -- where on the site is it. 
bill ..

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Subject: [sebhc] 13 New HUG disk images.

> I tried to upload these 13 HUG Disk images, but both the command-line
> ftp and a graphical ftp client had issues transfering after
> transfering the first file.
> After a couple of failed attempts, I zipped up all the images and
> successfully uploaded them as one zip file:
> HUG_13Disks.zip
> The disks images in that file are:
> 885-1032_DiskV_H8_Misc_Software.h8d
> 885-1044_DiskIV_H8 Software_Miscellaneous_Software.h8d
> 885-1052_Morsecod_H8_Disk.h8d
> 885-1075a_HDOS_Support_Package_Misc_Software.h8d
> 885-1075b_HDOS_Support_Package_Misc_Software.h8d
> 885-1115_NAVprog7_HDOS_MBASIC_Aircraft_Nav_Aid.h8d
> 885-1210_CPM_HUG_Editor.h8d
> 885-1211_Seabattle_In_CPM.h8d
> 885-1212_Utilities_Disk_CPM.h8d
> 885-1228_CPM_Fast_Action_Games.h8d
> 885-1229_CPM_XMET_Robot_And_ET3400_Crossassembler.h8d
> 885-1230_Keymap_CPM.h8d
> 885-8012_Maple_CPM.h8d
> During the actual disk transfer process, only one of the 13 disks had
> read errors, 885-1032, it had read errors on the last two track (38 &
> 39). I tried it out, and although it is supposed to be bootable, it
> would not complete the boot, but it appeared to be fine when mounted
> after booting with another disk.
> Looking at the list, it appears that I missed an 'e' in the
> description of 885-1052.
> Let me know if you have any problems with any of these images. Also,
> if anyone has any issues with any of the existing HUG images, let me
> know, since I have original disks for quite a few of those images,
> too.
> I have only two more HUG disks that are not already in the library:
> 885-1237-37 CP/M Utilities
> 885-1249-37 CP/M MAGBASE
> But as you can see from the part number these are soft-sectored disks,
> and I'm still without a working soft-sectored controller :-(
> I still need to take an inventory of my other non-HUG disks to see if
> any of those are not available in the library.
> Mark
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