[sebhc] Voltage Reg

Carroll Waddell carrollwaddell at sc.rr.com
Sun Sep 3 12:42:13 CDT 2006

Lee Hart wrote:

>Carroll Waddell wrote:
>>Does anyone know of a newer low dropout voltage regulator that would be
>>a good replacement for the 5 volt regs that were used on the H8 cards?
>Why do you want to change them? The low-dropout parts are only an
>advantage if the input supply voltage is low. With the stock power
>transformer, that will only happen if your AC line voltage is under 100
>If you *do* have low AC line voltage for some reason, a much easier way
>is to replace the convention rectifier diodes with Schottky diodes. They
>have half the voltage drop, and so raise the unregulated DC supply
>voltage by about 1 volt.
This came from the article on bus termination. It said that many 
problems were solved by replacing the voltage regulators.

My H8 systems works very well, but I bought one on Ebay that had more 
troubles that I can count. I want to repair all the problems and put it 
back on sale on ebay.
I don't want to sell it to someone else with problems, I want it to work 

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