[sebhc] Re: PAM-8.pdf ? update - WOW!!!

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 15 18:11:14 CDT 2006

Bill M. pointed out:
>It seems that there is NO PAGE  17
>everything is there  no code or source is missing.

Wow!  It seems you've discovered a genuine gem in Heath history here.  If 
you look closely, you can see that this is not actually a single listing at 
all, but an interleave of two separate ones, run about 2 hours apart, using 
two different versions of the assembler.

Page 1 is the beginning of a listing made at 3:43pm using assembler version 
1.1, and on page 4 you can see the first interleave from a listing made at 
1:23pm using version 1.0.  I can't even be certain these were made from the 
same source file, or if the two different versions of the assembler just 
handled page eject decisions differently.

Also, since the 1.1 assembler was not itself created until June of that 
year, the assembly date of Apr 1 is clearly bogus, at least on the 1.1 
listing.  So it's quite possible that these listings were not even produced 
on the same day.

Why the manual would have been created this way is quite mysterious, and 
unless the guy who did it steps forward, we may never know.  But just the 
fact that it WAS done is a real hoot!

Thanks for directing my attention to this!  What a chuckle!

-- Steven

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