[sebhc] Re: Great Idea for IDE MORE!! STATUS -- chips used

bill malcolm wm65805 at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 19 12:50:36 CDT 2006

HI:  this uses  the following chips
3  74hct32
1  74hct08
1  74hct04

This design is not mine  --  I found this used for the apple II  & would be
easy to use with the Z-80.
I also found that there  are  adapters  that connect to IDE and allows the
use of Flash Card memory.
I have received 3 of them from an ebay bid  in august.

This adapter    allows 2 devices
 That being the standard for IDE.

Boot code is needed  for this device
Since IDE is  much like to WD  floppy controller  < soft sector> that should
be easy>

Any suggestions are welcome.

I am going to  order the  ttl parts  soon --  as I plan to also order  USB
parts for another design idea.

bill ..

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> bill malcolm wrote:
> > I am designing a small PCB that will have an IDE connector.
> > I need to order the 5 TTL chips soon then I will build a proto PCB unit.
> Is this Mike Riley's circuit, which used a 74LS04, 74LS75, and 74LS32
> for an IDE/ATA interface, or something else? Let me know what chips you
> need, as I have tubes full of old TTL parts that I'd be glad to donate
> to the cause.
> I'm finding that one-by-one, all my old 5.25" disks and drives are
> dying. I need to find something else to replace them, or soon won't have
> any that still work on my H89/H8!
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