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Does anyone know if the circuit board (the one physically connected to a
floppy drive) is calibrated (or otherwised tuned for the mechanical part
of that particular drive? I have two of the Wangco model 82's that have
different issues. The first one fails the seek test even at 36 msec. The
second pulls down the 12V supply line. I didn't know what could be done
with the first one, so I attempted to fix the second one. It had an
obvious burnt inductor 'L5'. But, from looking at the circuit diagram
and what little I remember from EE, it didn't see how this would explain
the problem with the 12V supply.


I had the same problem, L5 burned up on power up.  The fault turned out
to be a shorted cap. If I remember correctly it was C3 that was at
fault. I also decided to replace all the electrolytic caps (especially
the tantalums) given its age.  The drive works fine now.

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