[sebhc] New Heathkit H89 owner with many questions...

Stanley Webb spamspike at comcast.net
Mon Sep 25 22:53:59 CDT 2006

On Sep 25, 2006, at 6:56 PM, Bob Shannon wrote:

> The machine boots HDOS, and DIR shows the following results:
> NAME        EXT        SIZE        DATE
> MBASIC    ABS        77            9-JUL-85
> MDFAST    ABS        1            9-JUL-85
> MDSLOW    ABS        1            9-JUL-85
> SYSHELP    DOC        8            9-JUL-85
> SYSLOGO   CMD        1            27-JUN-86
> TEMPLATE    ASM        3         9-JUL-85
> TEMPLATE    CC          2            9-JUL-85
> VAX              ABS        1            9-JUL-85

Try command "DIR/S" without quotes to see all files including those  
with "S" or system flag set.  You'll find PIP.ABS, SYSCMD.SYS,  
RGT.SYS, GRT.SYS and hopefully some of the rest of HDOS.  INIT37.ABS  
is a soft-sector floppy initialization program, but I'm not sure if  
your soft-sectored controller is an H37. With INIT37.ABS or its  
equivalent for you controller and SYSGEN.ABS you should be able to  
copy your boot disk.
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