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Bill Loguidice bill at armchairarcade.com
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In all my time with the Apple II, I never recall seeing or reading about an
8 inch disk system, though that doesn't mean one didn't exist on the
periphery.  The infamous Disk II (soft-sectored, 5.25") was released in
1978, one year after the Apple II's release in 1977.  The Disk II was
cheaper than most other disk drives at the time, and certainly elegantly
designed, probably negating the need for any other format, particulary of
the 8" variety (and in fact the Disk II killed cassettes on the system
pretty quickly too -- I'd hazard to say the Apple II had the quickest and
most thorough adoption of disks as a software delivery standard than any
other system at the time or for some time thereafter).  Even the
business-oriented Apple III didn't bother with 8" disks.  It wasn't until
the Apple IIc+ that a 3.5" disk drive was included as the internal drive.  

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> > He may have been refering to some 8 inch system on an Apple??
> Possible, although this certainly isn't the standard Apple-II
> disk system ...
> btw: I think all the hard-sector 8" systems I've seen have been
> 32 sectors - were there 16-sector 8" disks?
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