[sebhc] a few H89's on ebay

Bill Loguidice bill at armchairarcade.com
Fri Feb 9 10:45:07 CST 2007

If it's that Larrysc310 guy, then he's an ass and always has been, so I
wouldn't worry too much about it.

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> Hi
> I thought I'd pass this on to the group. There
> are a couple of H89's on ebay. There is one fellow that
> has a lot of these but I think he'll have to drop his price some
> ~$50. There is also one listed as a H88. Looking at the
> pictures, it has 64K of RAM and it looks to also have
> a soft sectored controller. I think the $50 he's asking
> for this is in the right range.
> I have no connection to either of these ( I did email
> the first fellow and was giving him some hints on how
> to better describe his items and photo's. He then
> told me that he knew just what he was doing and was
> a long time ebay seller. He didn't welcome my advice
> and was a little snotty.
> He did sell one of the H89's
> but hasn't had any luck since then( no surprise). His
> auctions are poorly done and there is no information
> on what is inside of each machine. Not even information
> on if it lights up.
> Dwight
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