[sebhc] ET-3400A Eratta Book

Paul A. Pennington paulpenn at knology.net
Sat Feb 17 13:47:40 CST 2007

    Auction #140086006060 currently on eBay includes a 7-page "ET-3400A 
Errata Book" for the Heathkit trainer.  Does anyone here have one of these 
we can get into the Archive?  I already have the other ET-3400A books and 
don't want to pay $27.00 for the 7 pages.

    I'm currently repairing one of these I just bought and thought there 
might be something helpful in there.  I see we have the ET-3400 basic model 
in the archives but not the A model.  There are significant differences. 
I'll try to work on scanning my docs later.

    Paul Pennington
    Augusta, Georgia


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