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oe3pha oe3pha at amrs.at
Mon Feb 19 02:54:40 CST 2007

I am looking about two years for the ET-3400/ETA-3400 ROM
- Monitor/Monitor II/Tiny Basic) but without success. Once I found someone,
but he wanted for each of the ROMs $11,-- plus postage, which is in my
opinion a
lot of money!?
I started to write down the source code of the manuals and assembled it, to
download it on a
small homebrew developmentsystem. I had success, but some parts in the
were missing. A guy in denmark gave the missing parts. But I still need a
or BINARY dump of
these ROMs FalconII+TinyBasic. The procedure for generating a dump will be

Steps on the ET-3400/ETA-3400 after starting the terminalemulation and
on the pc:

+ Switch on the equipment
+ RESET (message on hex-display CPU UP)
+ DO 1400 cr (start FANTOM II monitor -> MON>)
+ MON>P 1400,23FF cr (punch/dump FANTOM II + Tiny Basic - addressrange 1400
+ MON>P F800,FFFF cr (punch/dump monitor - addressrange F800 to FFFF)

I hope that someone in the group can help and supply the dumps. Many thanks

peter.hofmann at chello.at
oe3pha at amrs.at

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