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oe3pha oe3pha at amrs.at
Mon Feb 19 09:58:46 CST 2007

All of you, who are interested to make backups of saved cassette software
(H8/H88 -tape), I can recommend to use >KCS v0.8 - Kansas City Standard and
CUTS tape decoder/encoder (28-Jan-06)< on the link
http://dxforth.webhop.org/. The software can be free downloaded and used. NO
time limit!!! The software is written and compiled under FORTH, an old but
very efficient language.

At first you have to digitize the tape. I used the standard windows >sound
recorder< with  the sampling rate of 22kHz/mono to generate the .WAV file.
This file together with the software kcs08 gives you the possibilty to store
all your H8/H88 cassettes on the pc AND you can run it with the H8-emulator
as described/stored in www.sebhc.org. You get nostalgic feelings in running
this old software on a dual-core pentium pc (hi). I stored in earlier years
all cp/m software on cassette tapes with a HUG utility and had now the
chance to copy it back on my pc.

Derivates of this software are also available for KIM-1 owners (KIMTAPE
v0.5 - tape conversion utility for KIM-1 and SYM-1 (17-May-04)).

I was busy for several days to restore these backups. I was happy to see my
assembler source software I had written a couple of years ago and stored on
cassettes. It was a real adventure to compile this software from the
cassette with the heath HASL-8 two-pass assembler !!!


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