[sebhc] ET/ETA-3400 ROM-Dump Help

Paul A. Pennington paulpenn at knology.net
Wed Feb 21 10:49:25 CST 2007


    A comment and a question:

> 444-76 ... 2KB NMOS 2316 ROM
> don't know if monitor/expanded monitor/tinybasic ???

    This is the monitor in the ET-3400A model.  You are correct that it's in 
a 2KB ROM with different pinouts than the 444-76, but I believe the code is 
the same, only 1K.  They must move the code up so it ends at FFFF, leaving 1 
KB blank at the beginning.  I don't know for sure because my ET-3400A 
doesn't work yet :-(

> 444-51 ... 2KB NMOS 2316 ROM terminal monitor FANTOM II
> HEATH/WINTEK - installed in the  expansion box ETA-3400 - U105

    So you're saying this replaces the standard terminal monitor 444-25 in 
the expansion interface?  Was it included with the interface or sold 
separately as an option?

    Paul Pennington
    Augusta, Georgia

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