[sebhc] ET-3400 with 8K EEPROM

Allard allard at xs4all.nl
Sun Jan 7 06:34:20 CST 2007


I'm new here.

Nice project! I even don't have the manuals for the 3400.
I'm looking for a PDF or something....




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>> Finally got a chance to do it.  I don't know if anyone here is into the
>> ET-3400, but I'd be glad to provide additional details.  It was quite
>> simple.
>> Long-winded story: <http://timothyweber.org/heathkit>
>> A few photos: <http://6sys.no-ip.info/~tjweber/gallery/et-3400>
>> Haven't yet decided if I'll write a little app to copy blocks from RAM
>> to EEPROM and vice versa, or if I'll just work directly in the EEPROM
>> address space.  The former would be a little cooler, in that I'd be
>> using the original hardware to actually run code.
>> Cheers.
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