[sebhc] ET-3400 with 8K EEPROM

Timothy J. Weber tw at timothyweber.org
Sun Jan 7 09:53:24 CST 2007

Dave Dunfield wrote:
>> I'm new here.
>> Nice project! I even don't have the manuals for the 3400.
>> I'm looking for a PDF or something....
> I have most of the ET-3400 manuals on my site in PDF format
> (look under the ET-3400 listing). I would be surprised if they
> were not in the SEBHC archive as well.

Yup, that's where I got them.

The existing PDF is, in general, a very nice copy.  The one difficulty I 
had with it was the big multi-page schematic; it was a nice scanning 
job, with overlapping edges so you can print it and tape the pages 
together, but I, uh... hate paper... so I stitched them together in 
Photoshop.  The result is a bit low-res for silly reasons, but it's 
easier to look at online.

Can I submit that to the archives?  I lost my original welcome message, 
so I don't have the URL anymore.
Timothy J. Weber
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