[sebhc] HDOS sysgen questions (and problems)

Mark Garlanger garlanger at gmail.com
Tue Jan 9 12:46:08 CST 2007

It looks like it should be 9600 then. That disk worked on my systems
and I haven't changed the baud rate, Lee's instructions for setting it
to 9600 should fix it.


On 1/9/07, Lee Hart <leeahart at earthlink.net> wrote:
> From: Bob Shannon
> >> Getting back to old computers once again, I tested the disk Mark kindly
> >> sent. The machine 'seems' to boot, but I get gibberish on the console.
> >> Typing seems to echo gibberish, sure looks like a baud rate issue to me.
> I agree. Heath shipped their HDOS disks to auto-detect the console baud
> rate. You had to repeatedly type the space bar until HDOS figured out
> the baud rate. Once it did, the baud rate was saved on the disk, so you
> didn't have to do it again.
> The Heath CP/M disks came configured for 9600 baud, but you could change
> them to anything you liked with the CONFIGUR utility.
> In your case, it sounds like the disk you have has already been set for
> some baud rate. BUT, your H19 terminal's baud rate is set to some
> DIFFERENT value!
> Stock, the H19 and H89 DIP switches were set for 9600 baud. But it was
> common to set them to 19200 baud as well. So, my guess is that you have
> a disk set for 9600 and H19 set for 19200 (or vice versa).
> The easiest way to figure this out is to boot the system to the point
> where you are getting the gibberish. Then press OFFLINE ESC x L OFFLINE
> (the offline key should latch down the first time, then pop back up the
> second time). This sets the H19 baud rate to 9600. Type commands and see
> if it is now working.
> If not, try OFFLINE ESC x M OFFLINE. This sets the H19 baud rate to
> 19200 baud.
> Once you know what baud rate the disk is set for, you can set the H19
> DIP switches (on the TLB) for the appropriate baud rate.
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