[sebhc] old heathkit computer EC-1 (w/vacuum tubes) on ebay

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The EC-1 is a 10 op-amp analog computer. It has no non-linear
functions built in but can simulate a lot of real world physical
behavour. It is what is called a continuous time computer.
This is unlike uPs that can only emulatate this with descreete
time computing.
There was a time when most all simulation for structures, automobiles,
airplanes and you name its were modeled such that they could
be analysed using such analog computers.
I would estimate that the EC-1 is good to about 2.5 to 3 decimal
digits if use right. That would put it in the range of about a 24 bit
computer ( 12 to 16 bits at any one calculation ). The reason
that I state more digits is simply that the analog computer do
automatic scalling, with better control than floating point does
on a uP.
I have EC-1 and one other analog computer. They are intersting
to play with.
At the year before last VCF, there was a machine made with parts
from an English erector set. It was called an inference engine.
It demenstrated damped harmonic action. It was the equivilent
of a two op-amp electronic analog computer.

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>I can't tell if this thing is "8 bit", so this post may be slightly off 
>topic, but...
>Tubeheads and historians will appreciate this awesome piece of computing 
>history.  It doesn't get any more retro than this.
>Heathkit Educational Electronic Analog Computer
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