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  Thanks for the additional information.  H8t.com is a very handy tool, a great time saver.  The communication feature for direct uploading of *.hex files is an especially useful capability,

Dave Dunfield <dave06a at dunfield.com> wrote:
  > I would like to use the LOAD capability of the PAM8 on my H8 to upload programs that I have
> developed on my PC. After looking through the sebhc directories, I found the file "h8t.com" which
> looks promising. But, I did not see any documentation for this program.
> What I am hoping to accomplish is to convert an Intel Hex file (or S-Record) into a *.h8t file. I
> will use the RS-232 port rather than the audio interface to upload the files.
> Please let me know whether "h8t.com" will do what I want and where I may get instructions for its
> use. Otherwise, does anyone know of another program that do what I need?
> Thanks and best regards,

I am the author of H8T - it pretty much documents itself if you type H8T with no
option (full screen full of help).

H8T uses the extension of the files you specify to determine what kind of
conversion to do .HEX is for HEX format (either Intel or Motorola when
reading - Motorola output unless /I is used), .BIN means a raw binary file,
and .H8T means an H8 Tape image format file.

Addiitonally, you can use COMn: to access a COM port, so, as provided in
examples for the H8T help output, you can do things like:

H8T myprog.h8t com1: <- Load .H8T file into H8 at 9600bps
H8T data.hex com2:1200 <- Load .HEX file into H8 as 1200bps
H8T prog.bin prog.h8t A=3000 <- Translate .BIN file into .H8T at 3000
H8T com1: saveprog.h8t <- Download from H8 and save as .H8T

To show your specific request as examples:

H8T myprog.hex myprog.h8t <- Convert Intel format file to .H8T
H8T myprog.h8t COM1: <- Upload myprog.h8t to H8 via com1
H8T myprog.hex COM1: <- You can upload directly from .HEX as well

The latest H8T.COM can be found with my H8 simulator on my site. As far
as documentation goes, there's a small reference in the README, and the
command help output. If you need further clairification, please contact
me with your questions.


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