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Often, if you want to use a document feeder, you do have to tear the manuals

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Bill Beech (NJ7P) wrote:
> Lee,
> I have the scanner.  I have done the very large diagrams in some of the 
> army manuals I am scanning in. I do these in pieces and then I use a 
> program to merge them back together.
> I would be glad to scan the manuals (I do them at 600 dpi) and the 
> foldouts.  The draw back is I have to take the manuals apart and cut 
> them to individual pages.  I usually then punch holes and put them in a 
> binder.  And it takes a bit of time to clean and straighten pages.

Heath manuals (including these H8 manuals) sent the schematics, wiring 
diagrams, and mechanical layouts as loose sheets; generally quite large. 
The PC board illustrations are in color; black for the foil on one side, 
red for the other. You won't have to take manuals apart, but would have 
to deal with large sheets, some in 2 colors. Is that a problem?
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