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Barry Watzman Watzman at neo.rr.com
Sun May 13 21:04:35 CDT 2007

The readability of 30 year-old floppies is one of the big surprises:  They
are overwhelmingly readable and useable.  Surprise!! Yee-ha!!

[And thank God, too .... ]

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This is why I spend money buying old army manuals for some of the more 
common radios.  Then I don't feel bad about sanding the binding off to 
feed it to the ADF.  Have to make sure those lending me manuals 
understand that this is what is going to happen.  I store the scanned 
manuals i own in manila envelopes.

My worry is that we are loosing this stuff to landfills, etc, and it is 
a bit of history that needs to be preserved.  That is why I have been 
buying old computers and trying to add them to the SIMH emulators.  
Problem there is dealing with a front panel like the H8 or simple 
memory-mapped video like the early PC's.  I am currently working on an 
8088 emulator to emulate my Godbout 8085/8088 machine which still 
works.  After 20 years of storage in a garage, the 8-inch floppies are 
still readable!


Barry Watzman wrote:

>Exactly my point:  There have been Heath manuals that I would liked to have
>scanned but did not because they were bound, and I wasn't willing to either
>cut them up or scan them page-by-page.  But I have scanned 600 page manuals
>as long as I could just drop the pages into an ADF.
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>I use a document feeder for the regular manuals.  Scanning page-by-page 
>takes far too much time. 
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