[sebhc] H89 diskette drive

Lee Hart leeahart at earthlink.net
Sun May 13 09:19:02 CDT 2007

Carroll Waddell wrote:
> Yes, it's the hard sector adapter.

OK; some things I can think of:

- Is it a hard-sectored disk (11 holes around the periphery)?
- Are you sure the disk is bootable?
- Does the computer have at least as much memory as the program on
	the boot tracks expects (i.e. a CP/M boot disk configured
	for 64k of RAM won't boot on a machine with only 48k).
- Is the H17 ROM (#444-19) installed at U520?
- Is the hard-sector controller board plugged into the rightmost
	I/O slot?
- Do you have one (and only one) resistive terminator on the
	disk drives?

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