[sebhc] H90

Bill Beech (NJ7P) nj7p at nj7p.org
Mon May 14 14:06:38 CDT 2007


We might have to scan it in color, and change the red to a color that 
becomes a grey that is visable in the otherwise black and white.  I 
suspect red will scan as black.


Lee Hart wrote:

> Bill Beech (NJ7P) wrote:
>> Lee,
>> No.  I think we can handle the color as grey-scale for the red/black 
>> diagrams.  Everything else is B/W so we are good to go.  It will just 
>> take some time to get the scanned, cleaned and merged.  And I am sure 
>> there are many who could use them!
> I've tried photocopying the colored illustations, and they won't work 
> as simple black-and-white with grey scale. You wind up not being able 
> to tell which side of the board things are on.
> But, these color illustrations are the exception. Almost all other 
> Heath documentation is simple black-and-white.

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