[sebhc] H90

Dan Lanciani ddl-cctech at danlan.com
Sat May 19 23:03:57 CDT 2007

|As I said before, I am willing to do the scanning and other work to make 
|the PDFs available to the net.  Especially if you understand that I need 
|to cut them apart.

Ok, I have the following extra manuals.  They can be cut up and they
do not have to be returned to me.

Original H8 preview set consisting of:
H8 assembly 595-2013-01
H8 operation 595-2014-01
H10 assembly 595-1970-02
H10 operation 595-2020-01
H9 assembly 595-1996-02
H9 operation 595-2017-02
H8-1 595-2028-01
H8-2 595-2033-02
H8-5 595-2032-03
PAM-8 595-2348
H8 software reference 595-2048-01

H8-4 assembly 595-2080
H8-4 operation 595-2248
WH8-4 operation/service 595-2206-02

H19 assembly 595-2191-01
WH19 operation/service 595-2192
H-19A assembly 595-2594-02
H-19A operation 595-2595-02

HDOS SYSTEM Software Reference Manual (no obvious part number) (with disks)
BASIC-80 (HDOS) 595-2285-03 (with disk)

MTR-88 595-2349
MTR-89 595-2508

FDD 100-5B (with schematic)

Z-219-1 installation 
Z-207-3 technical (with TM100 manual)

If you (or anyone else) wants any of these let me know as soon as
possible (preferably by Sunday night).  Now that they are unpacked
they are bound for the recycle pile.

				Dan Lanciani
				ddl at danlan.*com
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