[sebhc] Diskette termination

Carroll Waddell carrollwaddell at sc.rr.com
Tue May 22 14:11:39 CDT 2007

Paul A. Pennington wrote:

>    Carroll said:
>> I have the drive manuals for the Siemens FD100 diskette drive. It 
>> (along with the schematic) shows the termination resistor pack with 
>> 330 ohms going to +5 and 220 going to ground. However the termination 
>> resistor packs that were in the drives when I bought them on ebay are 
>> 150ohms to both +5 and ground.
>> I haven't been able to find any 330/220 resistor packs in any catalog 
>> I have. Does anyone know which is correct?
>    The 150 ohm packs are for the more common Tandon floppies.  
> Somebody switched them.  I have several of the 220/330  packs in my 
> parts box and would be glad to mail you one.  Send your snail mail 
> address off-list.
>    Part numbers on mine are:
>    Beckman 899-5 R220/330
>    CTS 760-5-R220/330
>    A-B 314E221331
>    Bourns 4114R-003-221/331
>    Dale MDP-1405-221/331G
>    Notice a pattern here?  :-)
>    Paul Pennington
>    Augusta, Georgia
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Thanks a bunch Paul, I will be more than happy to pay you for them. If 
you have enough, I'd like to have 2. If not, 1 would be greatly 
appreciated. My address is

Dr. Carroll Waddell
2795 Raccoon Road
Dalzell, SC  29040
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