[sebhc] H8 hardware request - docs, info

Carroll Waddell CarrollWaddell at sc.rr.com
Tue Apr 13 16:57:04 CDT 2004

My file server is down at the moment. As soon as I get it back up, I 
will email the images. I referred to them as PID tapes (Program Image 
Distribution). All the images are pure binary with a PID file extension.
Also, do you know where I can get an H8-5 interface card? Most of my H8 
stuff was lost long ago.

Dave Dunfield wrote:

>At 15:09 13/04/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>>I am currently working to restore an H8 tape system. I still have binary 
>>images of the original Heath tapes stored in my PC. As soon as I can 
>>re-create them, I will be happy to send you a set. (If it's legal. I'm 
>>not sure who holds the copyright on the tapes.
>Hi Carroll,
>Thanks, I would appreciate that very much. If you prefer, you could just
>email me the binary images, and I can recreate audio media myself.
>Regarding the copyright issue, I believe I do have the appropriate legal
>permission to use the code, since I have acquired an original H8 system
>which did at one time have this software ... I can send photos of the
>software manuals if you would consider that as "acceptable proof".
>The problem is that this particular H8 was passed through several people who
>didn't really have an interest in it, but had the good sense to realize that
>it should be kept out of the landfill - The machine and the large binder of
>documenation survived in very good condition, but somewhere along the way,
>someone forgot about the cassette tapes. It my attempts to backtrack to find
>the tapes, it looks like they probably did go to the landfill, as one of the
>previous owners recalls doing a "big purge" of old junk a number of years back...
>Anyway, no trace of the original tapes can be found.

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