[sebhc] H-25 printer - any interest??

Barry Watzman Watzman at neo.rr.com
Sun Dec 5 12:30:15 CST 2004

Answering my own question:

Black Printer Ribbon Replaces: Decision Data 020344-00, Heathkit HCS-56,
Hewlett Packard/HP 92155A, & Nukote BM352

Fits: Decision Data/DDC 6703, 6703-25; DRI 8820, 8821, 8822, 8823, 8824,
8825, 8826, 8827, 8828, 8829, 8830, 8840, 8850, 8905, 8910, 8925, 8930,
8931; Durango 800XR, Poppywriter, F-85, S.B.A.; Heath/Heathkit H25, H125,
H/Z25, H/Z125 Hewlett Packard/HP 2631A, 2631B, 2631G, 2635, 2635A, 2635B,
2639A, 2699A; Honeywell Questar M; Integrex Octa; Lexi 8850C, 8850T; Malibu
200, Dual Mode 200; Newbury Data 8850, 8905, 8926, 8931, 8933, 8935; Zenith
Z25A, Z125;

[The "125" was the "25" in Z100 white instead of Z89 gray]

Carton of 6: $60.48 ($10.08 ea) Order
Save $10.20 Carton of 12: $111.00 ($9.25 ea) Order from

May also be available from www.intimecatalog.com, www.aimlower.com and
www.dealtime.com.  And possibly others.

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Answering Rick Streeter's email provoked this email - I have an H-25 
printer upstairs in storage - with stand, paper tray, spare ribbons, 
manuals. Worked fine the last time I used it (a jillion years ago). 
Would be a super collectable to the Heathkit computer fanatic and I 
would like very much to find a good home for it.  So the price is very 
low (zero dollars) but you would need to either pick it up (Kansas City 
area) or pay for shipping costs.  Contact me directly if you have any 

Bob Groh
bob.groh at ieee.org

Rick Streeter wrote:

> Guys:
> I was asked to join this group and really appreciate being on the 
> list. However it seems that over the last month I have been receiving 
> nothing. As I get time I would like to participate. Presently however, 
> I am very distracted by the pressures of my Computer Help site " 
> protonic.com ".
> Rick
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