[sebhc] Blanks check...

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 1 19:41:52 CDT 2004

Eric says:
>It looks like the 80-track single sided image is slightly busted.
>Although the label on track 9 is well-formed, and even
>the ascii description says "1 side", the (int) that matters
>says 2.

By the "(int) that matters" do you mean the label byte known as LAB.VFL?  If 
so, that's a bit field, and bit 0 indicates two-sided, bit 1 indicates 96 
TPI (or 80 cylinder).  So the value "2" would mean "one-sided 80-cylinder".  
Please take a look again, and if you're still sure it's wrong, please tell 
me the exact byte(s) in error (by symbolic name or by offset into the 

>This, coupled with the 80 tracks and group size
>of 4 violates the 200 group rule and breaks.  Yup, the
>fstool needs a check for this...

How did you compute this?  If you divide LAB.SIZ (800) by LAB.SPG (4) you 
get 200 - the number of groups.

Anyway, please check both things once more and let me know...


- Steven

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