[sebhc] YAEU: Yet Another Emulator Update

Dave Dunfield dave04a at dunfield.com
Wed Jun 2 07:29:10 CDT 2004

I have just posted yet another update to the emulator:



1 - When the /I switch is used, the virtual 8080 CPU will now
    interpret invalid opcodes exactly the same way as a real
    8080 would (ie: NOP, CALL, JMP or RET depending on opcode).

2 - I have removed the hard-coded 40-track limit on the stepper.
    When you mount a disk image, the emulator will now scan the
    file to determine the number of tracks and set the stepper
    limit accordingly for this "drive".

    *1 The file MUST be an even multiple of tracks (2560 bytes).

    *2 I have changed the F5/'D' display, which now shows for
       each drive:


       For example, a 40 track disk image named 'HDOS16' with
       volume ID 255, mounted Read-only shows as:


       An 80 track disk image named "MYDATA" with volume ID
       123, mounted Read-Write shows as:


       [I got rid of the '1', '2', '3' indicators, as it's pretty
        obvious which drive is which]

    In all cases the volume ID is retrieved from the last sector of
    the first track (sector 9).

    STEVEN: Let me know if you get an 80-track image working with
    this version of the emulator.

3 - I have added a section on SEBHC to the help file - JACK - please
    confirm that you are happy with it.

4 - I have added acknowlegements for the people who either sent me
    stuff or provided information over and above what could normally
    be expected (I wonder who this could be referring to :-)

    Sorry, I didn't have room for everyone, and my memory isn't all
    that great - if anyone thinks they should be on the list, please
    let me know and I'll add another page.

    Also, if anyone who is listed DOESN'T want to be listed, or doesn't
    agree with the text, please let me know ASAP - this will be going
    public on my muesum site sometime this weekend.

As always - comments welcome.

Dave Dunfield
dave04a (at)    Dave Dunfield
dunfield (dot)  Firmware development services & tools: www.dunfield.com
com             Vintage computing equipment collector.

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