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Dave Dunfield dave04a at dunfield.com
Wed Jun 2 17:29:31 CDT 2004

>Also, does anyone know if there was ever a DOS version for the 8080, or 
>was CP/M the closest thing?

There were several OS's for the 8080, however MS-DOS or PC-DOS was not
one of them - CP/M is probably the closest, as DOS grew from roots in

My own DMF operating system for the 8080 is available on my web site,
source and all - I've toyed with the idea of porting it to the H8,
however it does require memory at 0 (system calls are via RST), and
my H8 doesn't have a "memory at zero" option.

You can however boot it up on my Altair emulator if you want to check
it out.

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