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	The Rainbow from Digital Equipment Corp is based on the Z80 CPU


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 Also, does anyone know if there was ever a DOS version for the 8080, or

 was CP/M the closest thing?
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Hello to all and Carroll. 

I have two cents to add from my very old memory.  In the early 1980s  I
had a 
Dec (Digital Equipment Corp.) Rainbow floppy disk computer.  As I
remember I booted with a CPM disk.  If I wanted to run something from
DOS (Version 1.* 
 ???)  I
spawned from CPM to a DOS disk.   I would have to check but I think the 
Rainbow used
an 8085 chip.  Is that close enough to your 8080 request?  

The Rainbow and software are in boxes somewhere around my house.  I will
them If you think it would be helpful to you.

David F.
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