[sebhc] Hello to all H-8 Users!

Jack Rubin jack.rubin at ameritech.net
Thu Jun 3 17:42:35 CDT 2004

I've posted a photo of Norberto's Super-Buffer in a new directory under
documents called "pictures" - take a look and salivate!


BTW, if anybody else has photos of neat stuff (Bob Hinnard ;>)), please
upload them and let me know.

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> Hello!
>     I want to thank Jack Rubin for finding and allowing me to 
> join the H-8 mailing list. I was happy to see that the H-8 
> spirit is still alive between all of you. The H-8 was my 
> first computer back them. I created the H-8 User's Group for 
> Puerto Rico and we all had a great time sharing information 
> to improved the system performance. We did 3 important 
> projects for the H-8 computer. We designed a 256KBytes Static 
> Board with no wait states, and bank switching technology to 
> improved the system performance. Then we replaced the 8080 
> CPU with a Z80 board from another company and I was 
> responsible to push it to 10 MHZ. Then last project we did 
> was the Super Buffer I/O board which used a Z80 with 512K 
> bytes of Dynamic RAM to buffer all printing needs. It had a 
> serial input and a serial or parallel output to the printer, 
> a real time clock to keep the system time under H-DOS or CP/M 
> up to date, and the bank switching port to drive the 256KB 
> memory board. I'm sending a picture of it to be posted on the 
> gallery. 
>     I still have my H-8 and last time it was power-up was in 
> 1986 after moving from Puerto Rico to Framingham, MA and it 
> has all the improvements that I mentioned; plus a 10 Meg had 
> drive which I will love to upgrade to an IDE drive if someone 
> has done it. Once I unboxed my H-8 I will let you know what 
> goodies I still have.
> thanks,
> Norberto Collado
> AlphaServer Platform Group
> Hewlett Packard Company
> 200 Forest Street MRO1-2/K15
> Marlboro, MA  01752-3085
> Phone:  (508) 467-9643
> Fax:      (508) 467-4503
> norberto.collado at hp.com <mailto:norberto.collado at hp.com> 

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