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West, Ronald S. RONALD.S.WEST at saic.com
Fri Jun 4 11:07:53 CDT 2004


Thanks for the $.02, now I have $.04 <wink>. 

I agree with the idea of making it reliable. Not going to go *that* far back
in time. If pushed I will use HC logic vs LS to lower the power
requirements. As far as PAL's. From a hobyist standpoint I never liked the
darn things as you can't tell whats inside and you need a programmer ($) to
mess with them. Have used them in professional designs as they have numerous
advantages, previously mentioned.

Will keep everyone posted on the IDE project.


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> > Norberto,
> > 
> > I looked at the super buffer board and that is way
> > cool. You mention above
> > that you had a 10 Meg drive attached also. What O/S
> > was used to access that
> > drive? Was HDOS able to see and use the whole thing?
> > 
> > I am currently working on an IDE interface for the
> > H-8. Development has been
> > slow for a while due to other things going on.
> > Trying to use original design
> > techniques and the same logic used on the original
> > boards to keep it close
> > to what might have come out of Benton Harbor (not
> > sure if that has a lot of
> > value but it sounds good <wink>). Thought of using a
> > PAL to decrease the
> > number of IC's on board but I know most folks don't
> > have the means to
> > program one of those, so am sticking to discreet
> > IC's and will see what the
> > chip count is when I am done.
> > 
> > Ron
> Ron, 
> Just (as usual) my $.02 but I think a new design
> should take advantage of new technologies, as for
> example Carroll's 2-chip 64K board (and yes, I _will_
> get one of my org-0 boxes running Real Soon Now and do
> some testing on that board). Reducing chip count,
> decreasing power drain and increasing reliability seem
> like important design goals. If I introduce a "modern"
> board into my system, I'd hope that it will be rock
> solid and not the source of new problems. The only
> reason my 56K system is working is because it has a
> 32K x 8 RAM board - now that it's up and running I can
> at least attempt to troubleshoot my stack of 8, 12,
> and 16K boards. 
> Besides, PALs are certainly part of the '80s design 
> vocabularly. Just try to find a part that's easily sourced 
> and affordable! (I'm trying to find 82S100s for a GIMIX 
> system - so far, only one quote of $18 each and not even sure 
> that they are really available). SEBHC can easily function as 
> a code repository and distribution outlet for programmed PALs.
> Jack
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