[sebhc] busses and roms

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 7 13:31:30 CDT 2004

>That reminds me of a question I keep forgetting to ask: are the busses in
>the H-8 and H-89 at all compatible?  Could a card be designed to work for
>both?  I know that each had its own version of the H-17 controller, yet 
>share the 444-19 ROM.  Aside from the difference in form factor, how
>different are they?  (I don't have an H-8; yes, I'm a loser, I know. I'm
>working on it.)

No, the H8 cards are much larger than 89 cards, and the H8 has a much longer 
50-pin bus connector (it's actually 2 separate 25-pin connectors in line).

And no, the H89 had a different rom series, starting with MTR-88 (the 
original H8 rom is PAM-8).  We don't yet have rom images in the archives, 
but we do have listings for MTR-89 and MTR-90.

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