[sebhc] busses and roms

Patrick Rigney patrick at vintagecomputermarketplace.com
Mon Jun 7 13:40:09 CDT 2004

> And no, the H89 had a different rom series, starting with MTR-88 (the 
> original H8 rom is PAM-8).  We don't yet have rom images in 
> the archives, 
> but we do have listings for MTR-89 and MTR-90.

Steven, this is know, but they do have 444-19 in common, right?  As for the
MTR roms, I think I have at least one of each (MTR-88, MTR-89, and both the
older and newer MTR-90), so I can read them and post them, unless Lee beats
me to it.  Another project... :-)  --Patrick

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