[sebhc] SUCCESS

Carroll Waddell CarrollWaddell at sc.rr.com
Sat Jun 12 18:25:45 CDT 2004

My thanks go to Walter Moore who sent me  a drive and an HDOS boot diskette.
Lee Hart is sending me a CPM boot diskette. I have a lot of CPM software 
when I get to the point that I can use it again.
To fix the controller board, I used a scope and the troubleshooting 
pages in the manual that you sent me. It led me straight to U10. Read 
data was going into the chip, but nothing was coming out.
I'm still going to try Dwight's uploader program. I've been working with 
him for several days. At least, now I know my drive system works.

Jack Rubin wrote:

>did you use a physical boot disk or were you able to use Dwight's
>uploader program?
>how did you trouble shoot your problems with U10?
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>>I just got HDOS to boot on my H8. I've found out the 
>>following: 1. You don't need the H17 ROM or RAM chips on the 
>>controller board. 2. XCON8 contains the H17 ROM code which it 
>>relocates to 030.000 where 
>>it should be.
>>3. An H17 controller card won't work with a defective U10 
>>chip. Carroll
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