[sebhc] hard sector substitute

Peter peter59 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jun 28 17:36:40 CDT 2004

In the days when I was active with my H89, I would often use a 3.5 inch
drive with my H37 controller. It was much more convenient than the 5.25 inch
disks. A question was asked of me whether the 3.5 inch drive could be used
with the H17 controller. In my haste, I said that it probably would. Then
someone (I think it may have been Lee Hart) pointed out that there were no
hard-sector 3.5 inch floppies! This last statement is true, however, it
should be possible to construct a pulse generator (a small piece of
hardware) that would fool the H17 controller into thinking that the floppy
was hard sectored. This could be done with both 5.12 and 3.5 inch disks -
you would use soft sector diskettes with the H17.
Two questions:
1. Has anyone already done this?
2. Perhaps more important - Is anyone interested?
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