[sebhc] Forth disk

Dwight K. Elvey dwight.elvey at amd.com
Mon Jun 28 18:13:21 CDT 2004

Hi All
 I got the Forth working late Thurs night but didn't
have time to work on the readme. I got it all working
last night and put it onto a floppy. I regret to
say that the floppy has a sector error so I'll have
to make another copy tonight :(
 What you'll get is a zip file with 5 disk images.
Two will be boot images, one for the H8 w/ H8-5 and
one for a H89 or H8 w/ H8-4. They both require
that interrupt 3 is connected to the receive
( normal for H8's and H89's ). They also require a 24K
minimum size. If anyone needs a smaller one, let me know
and I can create one but there won't be enough memory
to run the meta compiler and have the new image in
memory at the same time. For the H8 systems with
the Z80 processor, one needs 32K because they have
zero based memory.
 There are two disk images that are source to recreate
the Forth. I've set this up in a two stage event such
that you can test the intermediate Forth to work.
There is a way to do it in a single step as well. The
boot images assume a minimum size of 24K. One would
also use these sources to reconfigure their Forth to
use the full memory available by changing one of the
initial constants. One can also do things like make a
stand alone application or simply add a new command
word to their personal version. It takes about 5 minutes
to do each step of creating a new Forth from the source.
 The last image contains a simple screen editor that
uses the H19/H89 cursor keys. There is also a vary
simple editor that just does line editing. For anything
else, one can write their own editor.
 There is other programs on this disk but many of them
only work with hardware that I put together, like
a parallel port to talk to a parallel printer or a
real time clock.
 The three source disk are all in the traditional
screen FIG Forth format. A screen is composed of 1K
bytes. I should have it into the ftp tomorrow, when
I get a good floppy.
 There is a read me file in standard text format to
lead you through the steps needed to create your
new Forth disk.

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