[sebhc] H89s

Pi3cubed at aol.com Pi3cubed at aol.com
Tue Mar 30 09:17:11 CST 2004

Hello All,

I have, I believe, four H89 computers.  The nameplate on one of them states 
but the three others have a nameplate that just says "Heathkit Computer".
Three of them have a single 5.25" floppy drive, and the fourth has 2 1/2 
height floppy

These were given to me back in about 1993 by someone who did not have the 
to throw them out.  He gave me some software, but I have stashed it away 
somewhere and
need to find it again.  I believe the floppy drives use hard-sectored disks.

I need to clean them all up and see what their shape is.  They have different 
in their slots, and I will try to identify them also.

Take care!

Phill Peterson

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