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Lee Hart leeahart at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 30 13:29:45 CST 2004

Donald Sommer wrote:
> I have an H88 and an H89. The H88 works fine. I don't know if
> the H89 works. I don't have any software for the H89 and no
> manuals for the H89.

Hi Don,

I have manuals and boot disks for the H89. I'd be willing to *loan* them
to you for the cost of shipping, but would need a deposit to insure that
you send them back. You could of course copy them if you wish.

> The colors in the archive leave a lot to be desired.
> The SWTPC users group used green on black.  It is very
> difficult to read.   The sebhc uses orange on black
> and an impossible to read BLUE.  Is there a way to
> change the colors for the feeble among us.

I just joined. What archive?
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