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Patrick patrick at vintagecomputermarketplace.com
Wed Mar 31 13:43:19 CST 2004

> My recent project, which some great guys on this list are
> helping me with, is a floppy emulator called the "SVD"
> (which stands for the Semi-Virtual Disk).  As I was
> working on my old machines, I continually ran into the
> problem of finding software to run on them.  Note that
> although I love software emulators, I love seeing the old
> software run on the old machines even more.
> [snip]
> Head on over to www.theSVD.com for more info.


Eric's SVD and Dwight Elvey's stand-alone bootloader are both incredibly
valuable handiwork and worth checking out.

My bio: In Heath/Zenith, I currently own four H/Z-88/89/90's in various
configurations.  I also own an ET-3400 and two ET-3400A's, an ETA-3400, and
a Z-100.  My "reference" '89 (named "Smokey") has the soft-sectored
controller (thanks to help from Lee Hart) with two 40-track and two 80-track
drives connected in an H-77 cabinet, and the old H-17-1 single-sided drive
internal on the hard-sectored controller.  I've been collecting peripheral
cards here and there, but have no documentation for most of them.  These
include a couple of Z-89-67 hard disk controllers (no drives regrettably),
a -47 8" controller, a NOGDS graphics/sound/I/O card, and a handful of
parallel port and clock cards.  Oh, and I also have a Magnolia soft-sectored
floppy controller and 128K memory board, although I have not had any success
at getting the former to work (anybody knowledgable in this area?).  Lots of
docs, a good amount of software.  No H8, but give me time.

My current hobby projects are many (more projects than time), and include
providing QA support to Eric's SVD project, building the Vintage Computer
Marketplace (http://marketplace.vintage.org/) and the Staunch8/89er FTP
sites (ftp://ftp.staunch889er.com/pub/ or ftp://ftp.staunch89er.com/pub/),
building my own Flex-able 6809 system, and building replacement controllers
for vintage-but-in-service test equipment (not like counters and 'scopes,
but 100-300 ton hydraulic presses and the like).


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