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Lee Hart leeahart at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 31 19:16:45 CST 2004

Patrick wrote:
> My bio: In Heath/Zenith, I currently own four H/Z-88/89/90's in
> various configurations... My "reference" '89 (named "Smokey") has
> the soft-sectored controller (thanks to help from Lee Hart)...

Egads! I hope it didn't earn the name "Smokey" by letting any of the
magic smoke out! :-)

> I've been collecting peripheral cards here and there, but have no
> documentation for most of them...

I have documentation for all the Heath cards, as well as the Magnolia
#77316 floppy controller and #77318 128K memory board. Your timing was
perfect, as I was just about to send it off to Jake Rubin tomorrow. Do
you want me to make a copy of it before I do?

You also need the Magnolia boot ROM and I/O decoder. I think I have both
of these as well. Finally, you need Magnolia CP/M. I do not think I have
any bootable Magnolia CP/M disks, but maybe someone out there does.
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