[sebhc] using the game files

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Wed May 5 23:08:06 CDT 2004

Eric was interested in getting files into a form that you could execute off 
a floppy.   HUG distributed a suite of programs I wrote for HDOS to load in 
tapes, store them in files, and then run them later.  I remember calling the 
file format "TMI" (for Tape Memory Image).  As Scott pointed out, it's 
"rude" to do hardware I/O under an operating system .. my run program took 
care of that by completely restoring the state of a pristinely-loaded tape 
before executing it (making it as if HDOS was never there).  Does anyone 
have that package?

The hex dumps (and raw binaries) of these games do not contain the initial 
PC value that is normally stored on tape.  Luckily, all the original Heath 
stuff starts executing at the load point, 040.100 (0x2040).

Mark wanted to try these on the emulator .. to simplify that I converted 
them to the .PID (AKA .tape) format the emulator uses.  I uploaded those to 
the ftp area.  By the way .. does anything besides the emulator use that 

These are the software issue versions of those games (note that H8HANGM.xxx 
is the same software product as the HANGMAN.PID previously posted):

HANGMAN   ISSUE # 20.00.00.
CRAPS  ISSUE # 21.00.00.
NIM    ISSUE # 22.00.00.
HEXAPAWN  ISSUE # 23.00.00.

And Scott - I'll have to dig around a bit, but I know I have the .ABS format 

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