[sebhc] Reaching David Wallace.

Mark Garlanger garlangr at verizon.net
Fri May 7 18:19:55 CDT 2004

Is anyone aware of another way to reach David Wallace ( the H8 Emulator writer)?  Both Steven and I have not been able to reach him via the email link on his page (Steven for about 6 weeks, and only about 1 week for me).  But we would like to get the source setup on someplace like sourceforge.net so that several of us can work and improve the emulator. One of the restrictions on sourceforge is the project must have an open source license. Based on the statement on his web page is sounds alot like a BSD-styled license:
  License and Copyright Information 

  I thought about doing some take-off on the Gnu Public License. But let's be real: this code isn't a product that's ever going to make me or anybody else rich. So let's just say that I mean it when I say "Copyright" -- I wrote the damn thing. I get the credit. I keep control of the code. You get to use it if you want. Just play nice: if you mess with the code, continue to acknowledge the author. 

But the phrase "I keep control of the code." could cause problems getting the project added to the site. If we could get it to plainly state 'BSD' and had him in the loop, it will make it easier. 

I've tried looking him up on yahoo's people search, but found 22 David's in MA and none at the address listed in the code.

Let us know if he has a newer email address or other contact method for him.



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