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Jack Rubin jack.rubin at ameritech.net
Fri May 7 19:40:49 CDT 2004

As Patrick noted a week or so back, the server which hosts sebhc.org is
also set up with a version control system; there is no reason not to
register the VH8 code here and work on it within Dave's guidelines -
acknowledging his ownership and re-affirming the public-domain nature of
the work done. An explicit copy-left statement could be added referring
to all derivative work.

As Dwight so often asks, "Is anybody listening to what I say?"  ;>)


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> Subject: [sebhc] Reaching David Wallace.
> Is anyone aware of another way to reach David Wallace ( the 
> H8 Emulator writer)?  Both Steven and I have not been able to 
> reach him via the email link on his page (Steven for about 6 
> weeks, and only about 1 week for me).  But we would like to 
> get the source setup on someplace like sourceforge.net so 
> that several of us can work and improve the emulator. One of 
> the restrictions on sourceforge is the project must have an 
> open source license. Based on the statement on his web page 
> is sounds alot like a BSD-styled license:
>   License and Copyright Information 
>   I thought about doing some take-off on the Gnu Public 
> License. But let's be real: this code isn't a product that's 
> ever going to make me or anybody else rich. So let's just say 
> that I mean it when I say "Copyright" -- I wrote the damn 
> thing. I get the credit. I keep control of the code. You get 
> to use it if you want. Just play nice: if you mess with the 
> code, continue to acknowledge the author. 
> But the phrase "I keep control of the code." could cause 
> problems getting the project added to the site. If we could 
> get it to plainly state 'BSD' and had him in the loop, it 
> will make it easier. 
> I've tried looking him up on yahoo's people search, but found 
> 22 David's in MA and none at the address listed in the code.
> Let us know if he has a newer email address or other contact 
> method for him.
>                 Thanks,
>                  Mark

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