[sebhc] Dave Shaw's H8 emulator in the archive

Jack Rubin jack.rubin at ameritech.net
Sun May 9 08:51:07 CDT 2004

Walt uploaded a zipped package containing Dave Shaw's defunct website
which includes Dave's emulator in source and assembled form, as well as
additional documentation, ROM and demo disk resources. When Dave took
down his website, he offered it as package to individual users but asked
that the site itself not be re-posted in public. The one exception is
the link through Dave Wallace's site noted in a prior email. Walt's
archive includes almost all the resource links that are now inactive on
Dave Wallace's site. 

One file was missing from Walt's download - the HDOS 1.6 system disk. I
inserted a copy of the .dsk image I have from Eric, but the byte count
is different between Eric's .dsk file and Dave Shaw's .dsk files. I
don't have a Mac handy, so I can't test to see if the files run in cross
environments. Let me know what you find out.

Dave's emulator runs in a Mac environment, so I've converted all his
.sit files to .zip files for the rest of us. This includes his c source
code which should be of interest to those working on upgrading Dave
Wallace's Windows-based emulator. And to Dave Dunfield, working on a
DOS-based emulator. Maybe Mark and Steven should change their names to

All this material is in a new sebhc archive directory called
'emulators'. Walt's archive, including Dave's original stuffed Mac
source and executable files, is a single zipped file called
'DaveShaw8080.ZIP'. I've extracted, unstuffed and rezipped the files and
placed them in a directory called 'DaveShawUnstuffed'.

Happy Mother's Day.  


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