[sebhc] RE: Dave Shaw's H8 emulator in the archive

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Sun May 9 12:22:47 CDT 2004

Very nice, I was hoping the rest of that site would turn up eventually!  
Now, is anyone currently in contact with THAT Dave?

>One file was missing from Walt's download - the HDOS 1.6 system disk. I
>inserted a copy of the .dsk image I have from Eric, but the byte count
>is different between Eric's .dsk file and Dave Shaw's .dsk files. I
>don't have a Mac handy, so I can't test to see if the files run in cross
>environments. Let me know what you find out.

The file you added is in the same format as the HUG disks, but with 
mac-style line endings.  The other files in the collection are also in this 
format, but have no spaces or comments, which accounts for the size 
difference.  The emulator docs say the function would be unaffected by the 
presence or absence of the spaces and comments.

>Maybe Mark and Steven should change their names to Dave?

Actually I know a Dave Parker, and he used to work with H8's!   His was 
boxed for a while and when he tried pugging it in again the big cap blew up, 
trashing the whole boxl.  :-(

I'm doing much better - those suggestions are helping out.. so far I've used 
a variac to power up another entire machine and the rest of the boards from 
the one who's CPU smoked.  The good machine is running the memory test as I 
write this.  I haven't tried to warm up the H-19 yet (aren't video circuts 
sensitive to undervoltage?) or the H-17 (needs a switch).  And I'm still 
digging out other buried treasures.  :-)

Besides the CPU cap (can I get one of those at radio shack?) my other 
casualties so far are:
One bad 4044 memory (stuck bit).
One bad 4104 memory (also stuck bit).
Bad power switch on the H-17 (open in both positions).

Mark said something about having our own private "sourceforge" on the 
archive machine .. what do we need to get that going?  Can I help?


- Steven

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